Protect your Airpods in style: choose a personalized case or one of our original designs:

Protect Your Airpods in Style

Trust Custom Air, the Airpods protection specialist since 2019. Our site offers the widest range of cases to enhance your headphones, all at unbeatable prices. Each of our cases is printed in our premises in the North of France, guaranteeing impeccable printing quality and ultra-fast delivery.

Shockproof and anti-scratch protective cases

Thin, practical, and equipped with Bluetooth technology, Airpods have conquered our ears by replacing wired headphones. Their unique design and unrivaled sound quality have made them a trendy accessory. However, their fragility and high cost make them vulnerable.

Why protect your Airpods? The keys in your pocket and the brush at the bottom of the bag are the sworn enemies of your Apple headphones: their minimalist design, especially the charging case, exposes them to scratches and shocks.

The solution is simple: equip your charging case with a shock-absorbing protective silicone shell. It provides comprehensive protection against drops, scratches and dust, keeping your precious headphones safe.

Personalize your Airpods case

Customize your own case with our customization interface. Choose one of our pre-designed templates or create your case from scratch by adding your name, logo or image in just a few clicks. Let your imagination run wild and give your Airpods unique protection.